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Indicative Parameters

To attain this overarching goal of reaching the top 20 economies by year 2020, the Country will need to enhance her economic development performance as illustrated by the under listed key parameters. Suffice to say, these parameters are not exhaustive.


By 2020 the country will be peaceful, harmonious and a stable democracy.


A sound, stable and globally competitive economy with a GDP of not less than $900 billion and a per capita income of not less than $4000 per annum.


Adequate infrastructure services that support the full mobilization of all economic sectors.


Modern and vibrant education system which provides for every Nigerian the opportunity and facility to achieve his maximum potential and provides the country with adequate and competent manpower.


A health sector that supports and sustains a life expectancy of not less than 70 years and reduces to the barest minimum the burden of infectious diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and other debilitating diseases.


A modern technologically enabled agricultural sector that fully exploits the vast agricultural resources of the country ensures national food security and contributes significantly to foreign exchange earnings.


A vibrant and globally competitive manufacturing sector that contributes significantly to GDP with a manufacturing value added of not less than 40%