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NV2020 Thematic Areas

The proposed thematic areas for the National Technical Workign Groups (NTWGs) are as follows:

  1. Poverty Alleviation and Development Issues;
  2. Revenue Allocation
  3. Public & Financial Management
  4. Capital Market Development;
  5. Financial Sector Services
  6. Micro Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) Development;
  7. Agriculture & Value Chain
  8. Manufacturing;
  9. Solid Mineral Development;
  10. Trade Policy Framework;
  11. Banking and Finance;
  12. Culture
  13. Tourism;
  14. Security
    a. Internal Security
    b. National Security;
  15. Energy
    a. Power
    b. Oil
    c. Gas
    d. Coal
    e. Renewable
  16. Human Infrastructure
    a. Education
    b. Health
  17. Physical Infrastructure
    a. Transport
    b. Housing
    c. Water
  18. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Development
  19. Science Engineering & Technology
    a. Biotechnology
    b. ICT
    c. Nanotechnology
  20. Regional Development and Niger Delta;
  21. The Political System
  22. Polity
  23. Public Service Optimization
  24. Knowledge Economy
  25. Entrepreneurial Development
  26. Environmental Sustainability
  27. Corporate Responsibility
  28. Governance & Rule of Law
  29. Cross-Cutting Issues
    a. Nutrition
    b. HIV/AIDS
    c. Gender
    d. Youth Development
    e. Employment
  30. Foreign Relations
  31. Appropriate Pricing Mechanism and Incentives
  32. Implementation Plan for Vision 2020
  33. Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for V2020
  34. Strategic Framework and Macroeconomic Outlook for V2020 plan;
  35. Coordination and Integration amongst the federal and sub-national
  36. governments
  37. Strategic Visioning