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Timeline & Roadmap to Vision 2020

Guided by the need for a high quality and implementable plan, the initially approved timelines for the implementation of V2020 plan have been adjusted as shown in the subsequent diagrams.

Due to the time constraints, there might be a need to review the timelines by the National Council and National Steering Committee.

Based on the proposed Timelines, it is expected that within a 9 month period of constituting the NSC, the V2020 plan could be finalized for early launch by the first quarter 2009.

The Stage 1 of the V2020 plan constitute the 1st National Development Plan - the lift up stage which is aimed at addressing all the identified impediments to the nation’s growth which include: poor power supply, bad transport infrastructure, etc.

Already, these problems are being addressed under NEEDS-2 and the Seven Point Agenda of President - some aspects of the on-going rehabilitation works in the area of infrastructure are provided for in the 2008 Budget.

Based on the revised Timelines, the implementation of the remaining components of the work in stages II & III will span several years.